Estate Agent Job description and skills

Most of the people will have to deal with buying a house or selling a house or renting a house at least once or twice in their lifetime in which they are less experienced and also have less knowledge on how to deal with the surveyors, building societies, banks, and mortgage brokers who are involved in this process, hence to help the people in buying, renting, selling or leasing any property Estate Agents are available. Estate agents are experts in auctioning, advertising, maintaining the properties, and they also help their clients in getting the legal documents for the properties and also helping them in correcting the issues in the legal documents. The primary and the most important requirement of the Estate Agent job role is to deal with the clients.


  • Good business sense.
  • Being able to reach targets.
  • Being able to deal with the pressure.
  • Having good math skills.
  • Having good IT skills.
  • Having good communication skills in dealing with professional clients.
  • Having good negotiation skills.
  • Being trustworthy and patient with the clients.

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